High-Tech Greenhouse

Fresh Grow’s core platform is the design and use of a growing environment that applies world leading technology, best practices and lessons-learned to create a competitive advantage against less sophisticated low-tech peers.


Provide real-time environmental data to a centralised data management capability, which responds by altering inputs. These real-time adjustments induce a set of physiological responses which in turn maximise plant growth.

Climate Management

The Fresh Grow Greenhouse platform utilises tailored ventilation and insulation technology to control the climate within the greenhouse reducing the impacts of climate variation.


Water is delivered to the plants through a remotely controlled irrigation system that monitors in real time soil moisture levels. This data is used to monitor individual plant water uptake and consequently plant health at a plant by plant basis.

Tailored Nutrition

The Fresh Grow fertiliser irrigation system is composed of a fertilizer injector station and fertilizer distribution system. The distribution of fertilizers is managed in real time responding to plant health and growing responses of the plants. This data is recorded and managed centrally through the sensor monitor system.

Seed Stock and Breeding

Fresh Grow has partnered with Hazera B.V., a global leader in the seed industry,  to develop seeds stock specifically for the Fresh Grow markets that are adapted to the Fresh Grow growing regions.

Globally, the middle class is already spending $35 trillion, and could spend $29 trillion more by 2030, accounting for roughly 1/3 of the global market.

Market Impact

Fresh Grow Holdings has a turn key technology and expansion plan to ensure the company is positioned to supply premium product to the fastest growing market globally.


We are producing locally-grown high- quality fresh vegetables to Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economy with a unique, scalable production model, which is pesticide-free.


FGH is currently producing from our production site in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia and selling product into the Malaysian and Singaporean vegetable markets.


Multi-channel strategy with Branded  Produce that achieves a brand price  premium for consumers.